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With 40,000 users, 2M payments, and the first decentralized financial derivatives protocol, we're building the future of finance

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Hedgey Finance

Parachute's new DeFi Platform

It's like Robinhood for Uniswap. Anyone can now trade options without the banks and brokers.

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ParJar Wallet

The most powerful social wallet

Buy, sell, send, swap, and stake crypto in the places you chat. Join over 40,000+ people using ParJar Wallet on Telegram.

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Global Send

Send crypto in a click with no fees to anyone, anywhere.

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Buy Crypto

Buy crypto with your debit and credit card through Moonpay and Ramp

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Swap Crypto

Swap any crypto using the liquidity of Uniswap

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2M+ Payments

Join over 40,000 people that have sent over 2 million payments

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Parachute Token

The Parachute Token (PAR) is integrated throughout our products.

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PAR tokens were created at a fixed supply. There will never be more

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Staking of PAR and related derivative tokens to be decided by Decentralized Governance Actions.

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Vote with PAR for Parachute governance matters related to our products


We are building the future of DeFi


Parachute and PAR go live Parachute partners with Google Blockchain and enters WeWork Labs 130M+ PAR distributed to early community


ParJar goes live on Telegram with instant, no fee, multi-currency support 30+ projects use ParJar Wallet


ParJar Wallet crosses 1,000,000 transactions and 30,000 users Global fiat on/off ramp on Telegram Patent pending tech with the USPTO Uniswap goes live on Telegram

Q1 2021

Extend fiat on/off ramp with Ramp decentralized options are launched

Q2 2021

Hedgey V1 launched Self-deploying options on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Polygon, and xDai Launch ParJar Wallet P2P USD send on Telegram with Airtm Launch Par governance and Hedgey PAR staking smart contract

Q3 2021

Launch derivative market APIs on Coingecko and CoinMarketcap Open source SDKs for Hedgey protocol integrations on any platform Begin Parachute DAO governance voting on Hedgey platform Launch ParJar Wallet Web Portal ParJar Wallet Slack, Discord, Signal, and Twitter integration


Decentralize the $990T traditional derivitavies market with Hedgey ParJar merchant portal integration with fiat and cryptocurrency support

+ the best community team

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Parachute's community is run by an incredible group of volunteers who have shaped our vision, growth, and community over the past two years. Together, they have built the Parachute world you see today.

Parachute and its products
are powered by PAR